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Private F Sampson (G/2 4560)


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Looking for information on Private F Sampson (G/2 4560) of the Middlesex Regiment who died in 1916. 

I've found a record that suggests he died of menengitis at a hospital in Cambridge. 

No idea whether he became ill overseas and was shipped back.


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The Commonwealth War Graves Commission website shows that Fredrick Sampson was serving with the 28th Battalion, Middlesex Regiment, when he died on the 17th May 1916.


The Long, Long Trail has this to say about the 28th Battalion.


27th and 28th (Reserve) Battalions
Formed 1915 from the depot companies of 17th, 20th, 21st and 23rd Bns. Moved to Northampton in May 1916 on to Aldershot.



Soldiers Died in the Great War simply records him as "Died", not died of wounds.


I can't find a Medal Index Card for him. It would have to seem very likely that he never served overseas.


There used to be a very well laid out Cawston website, with a lot of extra information, but the current state is bare bones. Unfortunately I've never had cause to take notes on the local newspapers for the May 1916 so I don't have any offline sources I can look up. Doesn't look like there is a picture of him on Picture Norfolk, the County Image Archive.


If you have access to Ancestry it could be worth trying to track down his entry on the Army Register of Soldiers Effects. That might confirm where he died and from what cause. Ancestry may also have a transcription of any surviving Pension Ledger Card or Dependants Pension Card that have been released so far. Unfortunately FMP has none of these.


Hope that gets you started,



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Peter, Many thanks for your reply. 


Twice I've been advised to look at Ancestry (I believe there's an account of my Great-Great-Great Uncle in October 1918) 

But, alas, I signed up to 'Findmypast' 


Certainly looks likely that he didn't go overseas. Quite sad circumstances all together - his wife died in 1938 - no age at all. 


Visited his grave today in Cawston and somebody is obviously looking after the graves of he and his wife as there's a fresh pot of bulbs on both. 


Just getting into genealogy. The family were quite prolific in the Reepham/whitwell area and then to West Raynham, nr Fakenham. 


Got lots to do! 


Many thanks again, 




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There is a service record for G/24561 Thomas Ashmore on FMP he was a Derby Scheme recruit, attesting in December 1915, called up in his Group on the 12th April 1916 at Norwich.

 Posted to the 28th Battalion Middlesex on the 14th April (to France in August).

So Pte Sampson, who was probably standing next to him when they were numbered had been serving for just over a month and did not go overseas. 

As he died in the U.K. you can obtain a copy of his death certificate from GRO.



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