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Hi I am new to this forum and would like to say Hi to all.

I joined here as I am currently reseaching a book I am wishing to write set during WW1. I have found some wonderful infomation on this site but still require further help. my basic Idea for this fiction novel is about a English chap being drafted doing training and going to the war. As i feel strongly about this I would like all aspects to be accurate to the letter. I have found some answers to my Questions but require more.


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Basic things first I would like to know the draft process.

Was it by letter?

How long would the person have before going to training?

How would the person get to the training camp?

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You might find this book of use:


Lost Legions of the Great War

by Llana Bet-El

Sutton Publishing,

Hardcover | 256 pages | 075093168X | October 2003

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I've always found abebooks.co.uk very good.

(They have 2 copies from the UK listed)


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I have just bought a copy from N&M. Delivery next day. Very useful and 'academic' in structure and presentation. However I find it tedious and am far from convinced by many of the theses.

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Ok i would like to know everything about the following topocs

conscription (letters) ( how did they know?)


transport (all inclusive ie from home to war(any))

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