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Naval gunfire support - Sari Bair

Robert Dunlop

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A detailed list of 'NAVAL: Arrangements for support of operations' was published prior to the attack on Sari Bair. Most of the targets are familiar to me but I would be grateful for any help in locating the following please:

1. Olive Grove (to be targeted by HMS Humber)

2. Balkan Gun Pits and Twin Trenches (targets for HMS Chelmer)

3. Snipers Nest (also target for HMS Chelmer)


Thank you.



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Olive Grove: 40°11'38.07"  26°17'05.82"




Balkan Gun Pits: 40°13'16.79"  26°16'54.88"





Twin Trenches: around 40°12'58.87"  26°16'52.40", some 400 m south of BGP.



Snipers Nest: 40°14'49.31"  26°17'31.79"



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As shown by the maps by our good mate Emrez, these targets were all on the right flank of the Anzac Front.


Ottoman batteries were placed here as they gave the best use of indirect fire along all posn's of the Anzac defences both front and rear lines.


As such the British Navy kept shelling the these places, and in particular the Olive grove where heavy batteries could be placed.


We gave a list of Ottoman batteries some where on this site and there posn's around the Anzac beaches. look under Ottoman heavy batteries or guns some where here.


Good luck



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Thank you so much for the excellent replies, which have answered my questions. 


S.B., I recall the thread with the list of Ottoman batteries and will review this again too. Thanks.



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Ottoman artillery was emplaced at the Olive Grove, but not along Harris Ridge (Balkan Gun Pits, Twin Trenches). The 5th Light Horse Regiment carried out raids on these positions and they were held only by infantry, though of course there may have been artillery spotters in them as well. 

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Thank you, Bryn. There is another possibility too, thanks to your insights. There is evidence that the Ottoman command was worried about a major assault in the Gaba Tepe area. Preparatory fire on Balkan Gun Pits and Twin Trenches would have fostered/supported this deception, if such was the case.



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