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Russia treaty obligations to Serbia

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Good afternoon!

Could a kind member tell me what treaty obligations Russia had with Serbia in June 1914? 

Many thanks! Ype r man

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According to wikipedia:


'One of the factors that led to the beginning of World War I was close bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Serbia and the Russian Empire. While Russia and Serbia were not formally allied, Russia openly sought political and religious influence in Serbia.'


This suggests there was no formal treaty.


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Thank you both very much. I will get a copy of Slintered Empires. From what I've read so far the nearest to Russian treaty obligations (as opposed to territorial ambitions) I've found is the Treaty of Berlin in 1878. I am fascinated by the lack of clarity post 28th June. The authors I've read so far variously put the blame on Austria, Russia, France,Germany, Serbia and England!

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