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6th HLI and army service corps

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I am trying to find more information about my grandfather. 

Does anyone know what the pencil mark represents below from the medal roll?

Also, where can I find information about 220th coy ASC?


many thanks in advance




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Apologies if I'm telling you what you already know, but a tree on Ancestry is showing his father being killed at Gallipoli.


Edit....having checked it , the tree is wrong, the William Rule is 22 yrs old,  but could well be James Mirrey Rule's elder brother....his parents were living at 305 Crown St Glasgow at the time of his death, if that rings any bells.

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The 220th Coy ASC was formed in the 14th January 1915 and disbanded on 22nd June 1919, the initially went out to Egypt with the 31st Division as Train No.4 Coy (HT). Dardanelles and Western Front with the 52nd Division as Division Troop Company and the part of the North Persia Force with the 13th Division. War  diaries are available in WO 95/4589, 2895, 4605 and 4606



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Thank you both for your replies, much appreciated.


His brother was killed in the charge at Gully Ravine 28 June 1915 with 1/8bn SR.


I don't know if William Mirrey Rule was also at Gallipoli with 1/6 bn HLI or he joined after 157bgd evacuated.


I suspect he later joined the regiment as he doesn't have a 1915 star.


I don't suppose there is any way to know when he joined the HLI or when he transferred to 220 coy ASC?


Would 220 coy ASC and 1/6 HLI have been in North Persia force?


Thank you so much for your help



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Dai Bach y Sowldiwr
9 hours ago, geoff b said:

I don't suppose there is any way to know when he joined the HLI or when he transferred to 220 coy ASC?

There's no proof he was actually transferred to the ASC, he seems to have just been 'attached'.

He doesn't for example , have an ASC number on his MIC card.

Which is a shame, because we could guess at the date the number was issued, and hence if  (or when) he moved from the HLI.

And it doesn't look as though he served post 1921.

Ther's no Absent Voters' List surviving for Glasgow either.

I'm not sure where else you can look.



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Near number  sampling shows he was posted to the HLI on or around the 29/12/1917.  He was probably called up in August 1917 and posted to the 4th Battalion from the 79th Training Reserve.  His age and occupation  may offer a clue.


In March 1917 the TF was renumbered with six digit numbers, therefore we can say with certainty he was not at Gallipoli.


I suspect he was posted to the BEF and the 6th Bn after the 52nd Division was posted to France in April 1918. Until the German Spring Offensive in March the Government  had held back reinforcements to the BEF in the U.K.  A political rather than military decision.


220 Company was, as noted above, part of the same Division and went with them in France.  The war diary for their service in Egypt ends March 1918.








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