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CCS - clothing for wounded

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Hi all. I just want to know what clothes a casualty would be dressed in post-op at a Casualty Clearing Station.


Would they be cleaned-up and given fresh clothes or just left in what they were already wearing - especially if they had undergone operations and were likely to be at the CCS for at least a few days before being moved-on?


Would they, for instance, be stripped and cleaned and put in pajamas or would they be dressed back into their dirty uniforms - or given clean uniforms?


I've tried to research this but can't find anything specifically about this. I know the aim of a CCS was to patch the up and ship the off as quickly as possible but this was not always the case. Dirty, lice-infested uniforms would be a health risk, so what was done about this?


Any help greatly appreciated.


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If they had undergone surgery they would certainly have been stripped of their clothes because let us not forget that the soil in France & Flanders contained the bacteria that caused both gas gangrene and tetanus. What they would have been put in afterwards I can not be sure as I do not have the list of ordnance equipment for a CCS but I suspect PJ's. I can not see that they would want to put them back in lice infested SD.  

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battle of loos

Good evening,


having done some dump from CCS (I leave in france), I found a lot of buttons, cap badge, collar and shoulder title.
as well as numerous balls of equipment and personal items (toothbrush - spoon - fork - razor ...)


we can deduce that everything was thrown into the fire


rest of a wool sweater with blood stains1387549375_ccs(1).JPG.3b3c832c029fdc448241f9ec0dfa08fd.JPG







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