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On 06/09/2019 at 13:56, PRC said:

Am I correct that the building on the right, beside which the horse and trap are standing, is the side of the Mere Clocktower?


If so, then orientating from that and looking at various pictures of the area over the years, including Google Streetviews from 2011(see attached), then looks very much like all the trees on view were deciduous.

Given their state I would say the picture was taken between late autumn and early spring.


Here’s the trees around the Clocktower in February (2014).

12258004523_901453df38.jpgMere: War Memorial (Wiltshire) by Michael Day, on Flickr



Keep going back to the state of those trees - on that basis Driver Messenger, (died June) would be ruled out, while John Horrigan (February) would be a possibility.




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14 hours ago, Moonraker said:

Rather more information about the murder is given in this




that I gave in  post 32.


Sorry, Moonraker. I should have gone to S***savers.


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