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Looking for help with German bayonet knot


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Hello again. I picked this bayonet up some time ago. It’s in quite nice shape overall, but I have no idea if the bayonet knot is WWI or WWII. I assume it’s German. It’s quite dirty, but appears to have bluish color on it. I’ve tried to attach some photos. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!




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That's certainly a nice looking S.84/98 there!


What you have wrapped around the frog is a Portepee. Unlike the troddel which has a fluffy tassel or quaste at the end (if you see what I mean!) and which was worn by enlisted men to indicate the company they served in, the Portepee has a closed acorn-shaped end and signified that the wearer of the bayonet was either a Unteroffizier mit Portepee or Portepeeunteroffizier, a high-ranking NCO, or an officer. That part I am sure of!


Now, not my fild of study, but as I recall it, the crown above this, and the strap, have an interwoven design with a coloured thread indicating what state the person belonged to, and this looks to me as if it is Green, and so Saxon?


I assume this is WW1, on account of it coming with the bayonet - but it could have been attached anytime, and they were made in WW2, but not, if I recall correctly, in State colours.


There is probably a German book on these but I have never seen one...



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Happy to be of some minimal help! Have a look at: http://www.bajonett.de/Troddel/troddeln_und_faustriemen.htm though, for troddels, as at the bottom there is a link to a page showin Unteroffiziertroddeln and that includes an illustration of a troddel for an Unteroffizier Oberjäger, the strap of which looks rather like yours. Greek would of course be entirely appropriate for a Jäger portepee, while green and white would be correct for Saxony...

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Would go with Bavarian, as the colors are (faded) blue and silver/white. For comparison´s sake from my collection a detail of a Bavarian TRODDEL. Note the Bavarian cockade on the hat and the Bavarian Koppelschloß/belt-buckle.



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Happy to be corrected!

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