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These are two pages of the service record of Peter Alexander Fisher, 1/5th A & SH.  I know he was badly wounded in the right thigh on the 2nd of August 1918. He also suffered from tuberculosis. Without needing a complete transcription, is there anything else in there that might be useful to me. It's extremely difficult to read.


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Forum P Fisher letter 1.jpg

Forum P Fisher letter 2.jpg

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I think after GSW R thigh it says 'CF Femur' 'Compound Fracture.


Page 2 of these reports often have a lot of medical jargon of the day which is all beyond me.



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Thanks TEW. That's useful. I don't think there will be that much in it, but it's possible someone will see something else that adds detail.


Cheers Mike

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Page 1, also : Chronic Bronchitis.


Page 2. Difficult to get the flow as left half of page is missing, but no other clinical conditions mentioned.

Seem to be in depth notes regarding the injury to the femur, and his chest examination.

It mentions a "Balkan Frame", a frame attachment on the bed which was used to elevate/support the leg and apply traction.

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