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Troopship for 1/7 Kings Liverpool Regiment


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I am piecing together the story of three relatives of mine, William Halsall, Walter Halsall, and John Seddon. All served in the 1/7 btn Kings Liverpool Regiment. Sadly, all three were KIA.


i obviously have a lot if research to do and have completed much of the basic stuff, MIC, CWGC etc. I like the detail as well as the broad brush so this post is simply to seek one small (but significant to me) detail. The battalion sailed to Le Havre on 7th March 1915, could any of the experts give me the name of the ship?


Much appreciated,



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Hi folks,


Thanks very much for those generous responses. I had completed a search on the site before posting, but missed the vital one!

A photo of the ship was a bonus too.


The article provided by Russ was a great read, very interesting to consider the impact on the local community back home, in this case Litherland. It also pinpointed the death of William Halsall at the battle of Festubert, he was KIA on May 16th 1915. His brother, Walter was wounded on May 22nd, and was eventually KIA on September 25th. John Seddon was killed on 28th June 1916.


The reason for my interest, by the way, is that the two families lived next door to each other. After the war John Seddon's sister married a surviving brother of William and Walter and became my grandparents.


Thanks once again, your help is most appreciated,



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If Walter was killed on 25th September, 1915 that was at the Battle of Loos.

John Seddon would have been in the Wailly sector, between Arras and the Somme when he was killed.





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