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142 Sqn RFC losses

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I wonder if you could give me the reason for the loss of these men with 142 Sqn RFC?


19-Mar-18 - Capt A J Evans (Pow) in Martinsyde G102 A3960
25-Apr-18 - Maj E R McGregor-Turnbull (Pow) + Lt Charles Tyrwhitt Repton (Kia) in RE8 B6601
04-May-18 - 2nd Lt Reginald Charles van der Ben (Wia) in ?
29-Sep-18 - 2nd Lt J S Wesson (Pow) + Lt W Steele (Pow) in DH9 C6231


The loss of Turnbull and Repton is believed loss to what is recorded as possibly;


Gustav    Lt    Pilot Airforce shown Jasta 2 (F) possibly (Jasta 55) Jagdstaffel F2         reported shot down a British plane 25-4-18 (possibly Maj Turnbull (PoW) & Lt Repton (KIA) 142 Sqn RFC RE 8 (B6601) shot down 25-4-18 


There are no details as to who Lt Gustav is, do you know?

The others I could find no claims for, any ideas?




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