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Beauvois Aerodrome & Jasta 8, Jasta 68

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(I'm re-posting this from another forum; apologies if you've already seen it.)


While researching American pilots who flew with No. 32 Squadron R.A.F. in 1918 I read at the Anciens Aerodromes site  that the "Beauvois" aerodrome was used not only by Nos. 32 & 73 RAF, but also by Jastas 8 & 68 during March 1918:  http://www.anciens-aerodromes.com/?p=22714

Can anyone confirm that this is a confusion among French towns named "Beauvois"? I am guessing that the Jastas were actually stationed at Beauvois-en-Vermandois about 10 miles west of Saint-Quentin, not at Beauvois just east of Hesdin in Pas de Calais. (I don't have access to Franks's Above the Lines, which perhaps clears this up.) In any case, the German 1918 Spring Offensive did not come closer than about 25 miles to Beauvois in Pas de Calais, and that did not happen until the April Lys offensive. 

A related question: photos of No. 32 Squadron at the Imperial War Museum website consistently associate it with Humieres, just northwest of Beauvois (for example, https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205247554 ). Did the men bunk in one town and fly out of the other? What was the relationship between 32, Beauvois, and Humieres?  The log book of one pilot from 32 consistently records the place where 32 was stationed in May & June 1918 as "Beauvois."  


Finally, there are a couple of good aerial views of the aerodrome at the Anciens Aerodromes site:  Can anyone confirm that these are of Beauvois in Pas de Calais?  (I assume that those who know planes & their markings will recognize the planes---they're too small in the one photo for me to be confident of identification.)


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