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Lieut Colonel E H Swayne

Guest Bill NEWMAN

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Guest Bill NEWMAN

Lieut Colonel EH Swayne served with the 1st Battalion Somerset Light Infantry until 12th September 1914 when he received a note from Brigadier General Hunter Weston " advising him to go home on sick leave ". He had apparently been very run down.

This officer does not appear to have returned to active service with the Battalion . Records showing he remained in England.

Does anyone know the exact circumstances of this episode and what became of him. I wonder was he an early victim of stellenbosching ?

Regards to all

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Well Bill,

If Colonel Swayne was an early example of stellenbosching in WWI, and Brigadier-General (later Lieutenant General Hunter-Weston) was his CO- then pots and kettles spring to mind. 'Hunter Bunter' was a very suitable candidate for stellenbosching, but he seemed to carry on regardless.

Funny Old World.

Frank Bartholomew

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