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RGA brigade

Jay Oen

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Thanks to the mother site and the GWF, I've been able to locate my great grandfather and his brother who died in the war. Now I'm starting on their 3 brothers who served and lived.

On the attached MIC I don't see how it's possible to figure Walter's brigade. I suppose the only way is to view the actual medal rolls? What was his rank, is that gar or gur? I couldn't seem to find a breakdown of an RGA brigade on the mother site.

Any help as always appreciated.


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The rank is Gunner. I'm not a MIC expert, so I'm going to hazard a guess that he was a Gunner in the RGA with the first number and then transferred to the Labor Corps, under the second Regt. No. as I believe the Labor Corps was separate from the Royal Garrison Artillery. It also looks as if he didn't leave the UK as there is no notation for foreign service.

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I will either confirm or deny!


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It is Gunner.

Also he go tthe Victory and British War MEdal so he had been overseas. The medal roles may give you some more info on him (battery poss), or better still any service records if they survive.



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Thanks Leigh & Mike.

Ok, so he's a gunner.........cool.

Now how do I find out which brigade of the RGA???

Curious as to what action he saw.


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