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Highland Cyclist Battalion


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Hello I am looking for any information on the following man.


I have BWM and Victory named to M2/204885 C. (Charles) Addison ASC and also a TFEM named to 699 Cpl. C. Addison Highland Cycle Battalion. According to his MIC was he was also awarded a TFWM named also to him in the ASC which appears to have been issued in 1935. It would appear that there were thre Highland Cyclist battaions - 1/1st, 2/1st and 3/1st all of whom served at home and either moved to Ireland in 1918 or in the case of the 3rd/1st was disbanded.


I wonder if any member can confirm if this is the same man?



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Both the medal card and the Territorial Force War Medal roll on which M2/204885 appears only have his M2 number..


I can't seem to turn up a 699 Addison.    The National Archives listing of TFEM does not turn up the 699 Addison??



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Firstly thank you for replying. Yes I have checked the same files.without success. The naming I belive looks correct. I have attached some pictures.





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I have just found the following on Forces War Records:- I wonder if anyone has access to checking AO 224


Service Number:
A.O. 224
Authority Date:
British Army
Primary Unit:
Highland Cyclist Battalion
Archive Reference:
Gallantry Awards:
Territorial Efficiency Medal
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Army Order 224 (which perhaps someone will have) will almost certainly simply be the general instruction that governed the award of the TEFM.  WO 102/34 is the National Archives listing of Long Service and Good Conduct and TEFM awards. I would venture to suggest that neither will give detail that would confirm whether he is the same man as the ASC man.


The Highland Cyclists was absorbed in 1920 in the Highland Divisional Signals (sources on Wiki).  No reason why he could not have joined in the 20s which could add up to a 1935 award.  I can't find anything related to them after the 1920 date though.


Unhelpful I'm afraid but given no service record for either not sure how much further you could go to ID him/they.





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