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Redmires Camp WW1

Guest jayaitchkay

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Guest jayaitchkay

I'm a new member, and looking for a little help regarding my grandfather.

Nicholas P Hession served with the British Army from 1916 to 1920, as far as I know mainly at Redmires Camp, as Captain & Quarter Master, on the General List 130, Northern 2. His medical category was BII, and he was married and aged in his forties. (He had previously been in the British Army Chester Regiment from 1892-1913 and served twice in India during that time.)

Does anyone know if a book has been written about Redmires at that time? And was the camp in use in WW2 as well as WW1 (sorry this last bit could be called off-topic!).
Many thanks for any advice.

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Redmires Camp was a Training Camp in WW1 and a POW Camp (Italian POWs) in WW2.

See: http://pages.ivillage.com/deepoceanfish2/b...hores/id25.html




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Dear Jay,

Christine Stirling is probably the person you want to speak to, I will e-mail you this weekend with her contact info.

Not a lot has been written on Redmires Camp. There is a book on the Sheffield 'pals' battalion (12th service bat. Yorks&Lancs), for whom the camp was built. They stayed there untill spring 1915. But I recon that the pals are not the ones you are looking for. I am quite sure that nothing has been written about the camp after the Sheffield pals left, although it remained in use. The battalion war diary of the unit you are looking for might be usefull ( this should be at the PRO), but I think they only started when the unit left for the front.

I wrote my dissertation on the training trenches just West of the camp. It is plausible that all units stationed at the camp practiced trench warfare there at some point, and not just the Sheffield City battalion. I can send you pictures of the trenches If that would be helpfull. If you can tell me exactly what battalion/regiment your grandfather was part of at the time of his stay at Redmires, I can check with the unit history.

The parade-ground of the camp was in use during WWII, to house Italian POW's. New baracks were built there, and the foundations still remained in what is now a plantation. TheWW1 baracks were torn down shortly after the first world war. Nothing remains of the first world war camp, exept for some vague earthworks that can be noticed from the high ground above the reservoirs.


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