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King's Liverpool Regiment

Sandie Hayes

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I thought this might be of some interest for those researching soldiers who served with the KLR.

The King's (Liverpool Regiment) was formed in July 1881 from the 8th (The King's) Regiment of Foot. 

No 157 joined on 21st October 1881
No 210 joined on 18th February 1882
376 joined on 5th July 1883
690 joined on 18th March 1884
1028 joined on 1st January 1885
1647 joined on 29th April 1886
2055 joined on 21st April 1887
2373 joined on 1st February 1888
2880 joined on 30th March 1889
3344 joined on 18th April 1890
3541 joined on 29th May 1891
3811 joined on 10th May 1892
4098 joined on 16th February 1893
4443 joined on 1st February 1894
4874 joined on 31st July 1895
5290 joined on 16th April 1896
5659 joined on 5th March 1897
6125 joined on 9th July 1898
6351 joined on 4th February 1899
6733 joined on 20th February 1900
7332 joined on 9th January 1901
8151 joined on 22nd May 1902
8418 joined on 24th February 1903
8774 joined on 28th April 1904
9316 joined on 8th July 1905
9622 joined on 10th September 1906
9923 joined on 25th April 1907
10477 joined on 9th November 1908
10578 joined on 9th June 1909
10799 joined on 11th January 1910
11102 joined on 15th March 1911
11226 joined on 12th February 1912
11588 joined on 26th May 1913
11987 joined on 4th August 1914

Number 11987 enlisted as a career soldier for 12 years' long service, and there would be many thousands of men following in his footsteps, albeit the vast majority of these for shorter, war-time only service.

(from Army Service Numbers Blogspot)

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Thanks Sandie, that could well come in really handy.



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My grandfather No. 6621 enlisted at Warrington on 4th November 1899, which fits chronologically with the other information.

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This only refers to regular Army enlistments, so could confuse those looking for men who enlisted into the Territorial Force battalions of the regiment 

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