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MG Badge


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Is this bullion MG badge a WW1 machine gunner qualification badge for an officer (hence the bullion)?  Would it have been worn on the left cuff?

June 20, 1019 017.JPG

June 20, 1019 018.JPG

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It’s a very early badge for ranks below Officer on the full dress tunic.  You might find this of interest: https://vickersmg.blog/in-use/training/machine-gun-school/

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11 hours ago, Romagne1918 said:


So, it would be WWI or pre-WW1?


The badge was authorised under Army Order 21 of 1914 (pre-war Maxim gunners had the standard crossed rifles), and was issued as a gliding metal badge.  Drab worsted badges were also used, but many of these were purchased by soldiers themselves as more convenient.  Contemporary newspapers are full of adverts selling such badges in both worsted and gm.  Soldiers having to buy their own badges seems odd to outsiders, but this was quite a common practice in the British Army.


Gold bullion on blue backing badges are not recorded as being from a particular date, but given the exigencies of world war it is likely that they are post war.  They were intended for blue patrol frocks and those corps that wore blue full dress.

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