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SS Clifftower


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The above was torpedoed on August 29th 1917 in the Ionian Sea and towed to Malta on September 3rd.   Could anyone tell me when/if it was repaired and, of its use following this episode?

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6 minutes ago, wightspirit said:

Can't help with details of repair but she continued until 1925, when she was renamed Wynburn, then in 1932 renamed Blairbeg, then 1940 renamed Fellside. Torpedoed and sunk 17 July 1940 by U-43. Further details on her are here:https://www.miramarshipindex.nz/ship/1139197 and here: https://uboat.net/allies/merchants/ship/428.html.  


Dave W


Thanks Dave - it all helps.

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According to the Service List of merchant ships in government service, the Cifftower was employed as a wheat carrier from July 1918, so she must have been repaired by that date.




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Such crew lists should give age, place of birth (or nationality if not British), home address, rank/rating, rate of pay, where and when signed on, previous ship, and where and when discharged.

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