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Iris Studios, 169 Oxford Street W, London


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G'day all,


It has been a long time since I was on here. I have come across a photograph depicting one of my relatives and a pal (attached), and it appears to have been taken at 'Iris Studios'. I cannot find much, if anything on this studio. Does anyone have any information about it that they could share please?


Also, my Aussie relative is on the left, and his pal is unknown, but his uniform has no insignia albeit for the strange button - anyone have any idea what nationality/unit he might be?


Thanks for your help.



MISCAMBLE, Arthur  - Army uniform_ORIGINAL.jpg

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  • Admin

Hi Adam

you probably need an early London directory to find out more about the studio.

I did find a Thomas Iris who was a photographer but his business was in Islington.

Is that the three legs of the Isle of Man on that button??

Hopefully someone with more knowledge will be along to help out


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I thought that button looked like the leather type, once popular on ‘sports coats’, etc.

Would this query be better in the Uniforms section?

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There nothing obvious on the 1914 & 1915 Post Office Directorys for London - but if he was an Australian soldier thern may well have not have arrived until after the later one of those was published. I also checked sites on Edwardian and Victorian studio's and found nothing for that name or address.


I suspect it was probably a couple of rooms on a higher floor that mainly traded on the strength of the address rather than a prestige establishment.. Might be worthwhile trying an online newspaper source to see if you can find any contemporary adverts.


Uniforms aren't my area. As Daggers says it's probably better to get a Mod to move this thread to another part of the forum and retitle it to draw attention to the fact that you are trying to identify the uniform.




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The button was sometimes known as the leather "football" button.  Other threads here have covered it but I've run out of time!



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It’s a pressed leather, so-called ‘football button’ as Max has said, see enclosed image courtesy of forum member ARABIS.  This linked thread refers:   



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