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Remembered Today:

Birtley Belgiums - Corporal J. Mbondo


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Visited the Elisabethville cemetery today in Birtley, Tyne and Wear, to photograph corporal J Mbondo’s grave. A summary of his life can be found here.




Whilst I was there I photographed the 13 other graves of former Belgium soldiers who are also buried there. If anyone should need a copy of a photograph please pm me. Would be interested to know any details of Brigadier R.A.N. Brunet, I have as yet not been able to find any but it’s early days.


Names are;

      Brogniez A.J.
   Soldat             10.10.1917
      Brunet R.A.N.
   Brigadier          27.12.1917
      Claessens J.A.
   Soldat             20.11.1918
      Cools F.
   Soldat             15.8.1917
      De Waet J.B.A.
   Soldat             5.1.1916
      De Wilds J.O.
   Soldat             5.12.1918
      De Geyter A.J.
   Soldat             19.1.1919
      Hasevoets A.H.M.
   1ER Sergent        20.11.1918
      Lovinfosse F.P.
   Soldat             18.5.1918
      Mbondo J.
   Caporal            28.1.1918
      Prieels C.
   Soldat             26.6.1917
      Raymaker V.
   Soldat             26.11.1918
      Roelandt E.J.A.V.
   Soldat             22.11.1918




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