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8th Hussars


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How can I find out if my father in law Mathew Mcgee who   served in the 8th hussars and machine gun corps regimental numbers 6727 and 5097 received any medals please

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His MIC states Mathew P McGee, 8th Hrs, 6727, Machine Gun Corps 50975

1st Theatre date 11.11.14 so 1914 Star, British war Medal, Victory Medal. No clasp mentioned

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If you would like to see his medal index card, you could access the following via Ancestry.


Although my subscription lapsed a long time ago, the card images in this dataset are currently free to access.

The cards relate to the medal roll. To see this, you do need to be a subscriber. Alternatively, your local library may allow users to access Ancestrylibrary for free.



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FindmyPast has the Attestation Register for the Tank Corps. Mathew Patrick McGee is listed here and there is a good deal of useful service and family information that goes a long way to making up for the absence of a Service Record.


530452 formerly H/6727 attested 9/1/1911 aged 18 and went on to serve in India then the BEF from 15/10/14- 20/12/17 and again 6/4/18 -3/4/19. Discharged 8/1/1923 so perhaps his Service File is held by the Ministry of Defence still?


He was trf'd to MGC 27/6/16 then back to 8 Hsrs 8/11/16, then 2RCR 21/12/17 then 8th Hsrs again 26/8/18 !



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