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WW1 Officers Cap


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I have just acquired this cap and would like any information about the cap.

One thing I have noticed as you look from above the rim is slightly oblong not round.20190615_112725.jpg.50865215d2e7c789bd89b0c650c32543.jpg






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The cap badge is that of the RoyalArmy Service Corps, it is however not WW,1 as it's George VI. And also not an Officer's cap badge.



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its most likely to date from WW2, I’m sure someone with more knowledge will date it by the numbers. The shape of the peak is incorrect and the chin strap which is too wide are not correct for the Great War 




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An officer’s cap is unlikely to have the WD stamp, as their uniforms were purchased privately, from military tailors.

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it is not WWI, the P over WD arrow makes it 1941, as already stated officers caps at that period and in WWI were private purchase, it also has an or's chinstrap on it

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