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"Sea Transport of the AIF" by Greville Tregarthen


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"Sea Transport of the AIF" by  Greville Tregarthen

The description advises "a very rare book outlining how the Australian Infantry Force (AIF) was transported overseas during the First World War. A comprehensive source of information on troop transports contains photographs including horse transport". However, I didn't see any photographs.


From the Australian National Maritime Museum, on issuu.com



You can download the book.


I have seen suggested publication date as c 1919, 1925, and 1930.




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A good secondary source which lists many out-bound ships carrying AIF personnel. Totals for navy and civilians travelling on the same vessels are also listed. Undated, but presumably compiled soon after the war from Navy Transport Board records. 


Images include diagrams of standard fittings such as horse boxes and latrines (built so as to dispose of the waste direct to the ocean) but as Maureene observed, no photographs. 


However, neither the shipping lists or the text should be taken verbatim. 





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