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Military Medal - Date of Army Order


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I've recently found this record of a military medal award made to a family relative. I understand there were no citations generally made with this award and I already have a copy of the London Gazette announcement.

I’ve  recently become aware of a number of casualty list entries for the same relative.  

He is recorded as wounded on 28/4/1916 and LG listing was published 23/8/1916. I believe the LG announcement would routinely be published 2-3 months after the event occurred so I’m trying to explore the possibility that one of his casualty events may be linked to the MM award.


My question is, can anybody explain if there is any significance to the last line on this document, the “Date of Army Order” i.e 1/9/1916 ?




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Hi Paul, I've just seen this. The 23 August 1916 LG contained MM awards for 2 June to 23 July 1916 (Williamson). Somme awards.

There are many Yorkshire Regt. awards in this gazette: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/29719/supplement/8359

The 'Army Order' (ref. 0137/2791) date is slightly later than the gazette entry on this early MM card. It refers to a divisional or Corps list authorising the awards. 

It makes it more likely that the MMs are listed in the Division A&QMG (or Corps) war diary rather than the

5th battalion war diary: https://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C7354722

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