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Palestinian Open Maps


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Thanks for that Mike!


However, being maps of the 1940's, one must remember that there are quite some changes there since 1917-1918,



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13 minutes ago, Eran Tearosh said:

Thanks for that Mike!


However, being maps of the 1940's, one must remember that there are quite some changes there since 1917-1918,




Many changes indeed. There is a map available from the 1870's.



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Thanks Mike


very helpful. 




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Here's a list on Palestinian place names and co-ordinates I have located on google earth (you can copy and paste). All spellings are those used in "The Fifty-Second Lowland Division 1914-1918 by Lieutenant-Colonel R R Thonpson M.C. If you notice any errors, please let me know. I'm not certain, that my marker for "Junction Station" is correct.

Abasan el Kebir  31°19'29.28"N 34°21'3.89"E

Abu Shusheh  31°51'25.34"N 34°54'55.72"E

Akir  34°49'26.34"E 34°49'26.34"E

Ali el Muntar  31°29'25.37"N 34°28'26.55"E

Arsuf  32°12'50.83"N 34°48'58.15"E

Ascalaon  31°40'8.83"N 34°34'16.17"E

Ashdod  31°46'27.65"N 34°43'8.45"E

Atawine  31°25'41.72"N 34°32'27.39"E

Auja River  31°58'13.18"N 35°32'40.83"E

Beersheba  31°15'22.36"N 34°47'15.35"E

Beir Anan  31°51'9.24"N 35° 6'39.55"E

Beir Ur Ul Foka  31°53'6.36"N 35° 6'55.51"E

Beir Duras 31°43'27.66"N 34°40'35.46"E

Beit Dukka  31°51'31.69"N 35° 7'59.67"E

Beit Issa 31°50'58.97"N 35° 9'5.59"E

Beit Likia  31°52'5.36"N 35° 4'0.67"E

Beit Surik  31°49'25.97"N 35° 8'52.48"E

Beit Ur el Tahta 31°53'45.80"N 31°53'45.80"N

Beitunia  31°53'19.97"N 35°10'7.97"E

Berfilya  31°59'51.08"N 35°15'26.71"E

Beshshit  31°49'25.43"N 34°44'50.90"E

Bethlehem  31°42'25.88"N 35°12'1.69"E

Bir Nebala  31°51'5.53"N 35°11'59.37"E

Blazed Hill  31°27'16.04"N 34°26'24.26"E

Burberah  31°37'12.82"N 34°34'35.63"E

Burka  31°46'35.85"N 34°41'53.67"E

Deir el Belah  31°24'59.60"N 34°21'17.11"E

Deir Sineid  31°34'25.40"N 34°33'17.66"E

El Burj  31°54'7.16"N 35° 1'14.60"E

El Burjaliye  31°26'32.86"N 34°27'36.42"E

El Dhaheriye  31°56'45.82"N 34°56'2.16"E

El Jib  31°50'50.69"N 35°11'8.59"E

El Kubeibeh  31°53'32.83"N 34°46'29.49"E

El Tine  31°44'47.07"N 34°49'10.38"E

Er Ram  31°51'16.69"N 35°13'57.91"E

Esdud  31°45'16.54"N 34°39'31.72"E

Es Sire Ridge  31°26'42.30"N 34°25'38.14"E

Green Hill  31°28'38.46"N 34°27'57.95"E

Haram  32°11'17.40"N 34°48'28.44"E

Hebron  31°32'2.22"N 35° 4'59.26"E

Huj  31°30'37.60"N 34°37'20.86"E

In Seirat  31°24'8.16"N 34°26'7.52"E

Jaffa  32° 2'37.46"N 34°45'15.99"E

Jerusalem  31°46'0.04"N 35°11'56.31"E

Jisr Esdud  31°46'56.82"N 34°40'9.24"E

Junction Station  31°48'16.40"N 34°45'52.10"E

Katrah  31°49'20.50"N 34°46'43.05"E

Kh. Surafend  31°57'29.10"N 34°50'58.26"E

Khan Yunis  31°20'39.60"N 34°18'2.91"E

Kubeibeh  31°50'23.94"N 35° 8'13.05"E

Kummam  31°44'36.97"N 34°41'39.19"E

Lees Hill  31°27'7.32"N 34°26'7.55"E

Ludd  31°56'51.22"N 34°53'10.82"E

Mansurah  31°50'15.99"N 34°51'17.38"E

Mansura Ridge  31°26'52.35"N 34°28'7.65"E

Megiddo  32°34'41.88"N 35°10'43.44"E

Mejdel 31°40'11.97"N 34°35'14.67"E

Messudiyeh  32° 5'6.15"N 34°46'54.41"E

Middlesex Hill  31°27'59.08"N 34°27'24.44"E

Mughar  31°50'18.13"N 34°46'56.17"E

Naane  31°52'17.75"N 34°52'21.68"E

Nebi Samwil  31°49'58.83"N 35°10'51.90"E

Nimrin  31°20'17.56"N 34°23'48.10"E

Outpost Hill  31°27'30.00"N 34°26'43.45"E

Pools of Solomon  31°41'20.33"N 35°10'7.68"E

Rafah  31°16'57.32"N 34°14'36.05"E

Ras Abu Ameirah  31°36'33.18"N 34°31'9.77"E

Sarona  32° 4'8.57"N 34°47'2.45"E

Sausage Ridge (Wadi Hesi)  31°35'41.12"N 34°32'44.24"E

Sheikh Abbas  31°26'11.79"N 34°29'43.42"E

Taha  31°50'26.95"N 35°13'29.70"E

Tell el Jemmi 31°23'15.11"N 34°26'42.14"E

Tell el Turmus  31°43'31.91"N 34°46'21.56"E

Wadi Ghuzze  31°18'30.70"N 34°29'22.51"E

Wadi Hesi 31°36'8.38"N  34°31'51.03"E

Wadi Mukaddeme  31°29'12.10"N 34°29'35.46"E

Yasur  31°45'55.26"N 34°44'52.13"E

Yebnah  31°51'57.17"N 34°44'47.17"E

Zeitoun  31°30'58.67"N 34°26'55.07"E

Zernuka  31°53'9.00"N 34°46'53.48"E



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Thanks Mike


Personally I have always used the old Palestinian survey maps which in general, but not always, match the names of towns and villages used in the 75th Division ref’s. 


Obviously this lacks the on the spot naming of individual features such as hills, trenches etc  and names and and locations of individual wadi’s pre the third battle of Gaza took forever to hunt down.


Be happy to share what I have in that regard if of interest. 




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Thank you for posting this.

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This is a great cross reference.


Many thanks.


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A few useful maps from McMaster Click



A few new Refs


Abu Ghalion  31°15'55.75"N 34°35'48.22"E


Al Khalasa  31° 5'53.94"N 34°39'15.68"E


Asluj 31° 0'54.69"N 34°45'31.65"E


Shellal  31°18'35.36"N 34°29'27.70"E



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