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Best place to start looking for records of wounded soldier.


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My gt grandfather was wounded in the spring offensive and have a letter saying he was in a French hospital.

Any ideas of where to start looking. Would love to piece together where he was treated and exactly where he was wounded originally. 

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Your starting place must be to read the guide on the Long Long Trail, see top left of this page or try this link


If you then want us to have a look, we need a name and number and Regiment, and perhaps date and place of birth, etc- the more the merrier.?




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Hello Stevie


One thing to be careful of is that "in a French hospital" could simply mean "in a (British) hospital in France" rather than a French Army hospital. In addition, some of the larger British hospitals were sometimes located in French civilian hospital buildings. However, if he was wounded in late May/early June 1918, the third phase of the offensive, when the British had four divisions on the Chemin des Dames, he could well have been treated in a French Army hospital.



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Appreciated ron

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I assume no service/pension records survive for him?


Once you know his unit it's pretty easy to find where he was and follow the unit's movements.


Check FindmyPast's MH106 record set this is only a small selection of admissions/discharges to medical units. Chances are very slim there's a record for him but must be checked. There are no French hospitals within the record set but another medical unit may have previously admitted him or transfered him.


Whatever his Battalion, Battery etc there were clearly defined medical arrangements for wounded EG which/where Field Ambulance he would have gone to, how they disposed of him EG to a specific CCS and how he got there and how the CCS disposed of him EG by ambulance train to one of the base areas.


Normally all the above can be worked out to quite a fine degree. With the spring offensive going on things could well be more complex as units were getting mixed up and individuals lost.


With name, number and unit there are ways to piece together what you're after.




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Much appreciate your advice TEW

I'll start searching after work.


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