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Blücher-Yorck Offensive, 29 May 1918

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French and British troops awaiting the enemy in the open, North of Courville, 29 May 1918.  French Army full-track tractor/carrier passing
by the River Marne at Dormans.  Visibly tired British infantry crossing a bridgeover the River Marne at Dormans.  Royal Field Artillery 18-pounder gun team turning
back on a road, their progress being blocked by the enemy, Faverolles.  French infantry coming back through Passy-sur-Marne pass British regimental band resting by the roadside.  Two elderly French female refugees crossing a pontoon bridge over the River Marne at Reuil.  French refugees and retiring French troops on the road at Chatillon.  Nurses and convalescent soldiers outside the Recreation Room hut of the British Red Cross at No. 10 Convalescent Camp at Ecault.  Members of the Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps playing with dogs on the beach at Paris-Plagewhile on leave.  A German Halberstadt CL.II two-seat fighter biplane brought down in the British lines, Faverolles.  The Third Battle of the Aisne (Blucher-Yorck Offensive). German troops enjoying a drink of fresh milk from a cow captured during the advance on Soissons.  Funeral of Nursing Sister Margaret Lowe of Binscarth, Manitoba, who died of wounds received during raid 19 May 1918 by Germans at Etaples, France.

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