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Cant find a RNR MSM winner

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Just cant find the service records to a Seaman Patrick KEOGH 5251A who was awarded the DSM for Gallipoli actions. I can find his MSM and medal awards but not his service records. I suspect they have been miss filed.I know he was RNR from Limerick and born in 1895. Any help would be much appreciated as I do not generally research Navy.
Thanks Ed 

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The man you seek was an RNR seaman. The above was a stoker RNR. It appears his record is missing from BT 377 at Kew. [5247.A to 5270.A are absent.]

His number is confirmed by the RNR Medal Roll.

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Thanks for looking Dave and Horatio, but his number is 5251A and as Horatio2 points out his record is missing. I thought it was only me with my poor Navy search skills. Thanks for confirming. 

Cheers Ed

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ernest james

Suggest you try original records formerly held at Fleet Air arm museum at Yeovilton, once they are available again after the RN Museum reorganisation.

Several years ago I located records for three men there.( from the gap identified by horatio 2)

Maurice Cronin 5260.A

Patrick Considine 5261.A

Patrick Darby 5262. A

Enrolments were made in Limerick around November 1913. Limerick seems to be the common factor.

best wishes


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Hi Ernest, would you have any more details on Patrick Considine?  A friend of mine dug up his service medal and I’d love to possibly return it to his family.

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