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  Would any member know what the current situation is with this publisher (if any)?. A company of the name appears to still be on the Register and "live" but details of publications, and where to obtain (or not) is a mystery to me.


     I have a neighbour who is 90 in June and who,for the first time, casually mentioned that her father had served in the Great War and had been gassed. The Medal Rolls and MIC identify that he served with 242 Machine Gun Company . There is a memoir of an officer who served with this unit called "Machine Gunner on the Somme" , by Captain Eric Bird,MC- which seems strangely unobtainable - and not found in major libraries on COPAC.  Apart from relisters and those of my bookselling colleagues who believe strongly in hyperinflation, the only sensible price for this comes from Amazon.fr, which strikes me as unreliable unless Tommies Guides have retired gracefully to the Republic.

   I would like to get a bit of info. together on my neighbour's father for her birthday-one can have far too much of cake,wine and champagne and some boring military history might be a pleasant surprise for her

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Well, I will answer my ow post-it having been pointed out to me by someone more literate/sensible than me (ie everyone else) that the publisher is "Reveille Press" and has it's own website of goodies that were unknown to me.  £9.95  seems a little cheaper from the publisher rather than the only copy quoted on Amazon.  Which one would you choose?????


Machine Gunner on the Somme (Paperback)

Machine Gunner on the Somme: Reflections on the Development and Employment of the Machine Gun during the First World War


You Save £2.00


Machine Gunner on the Somme: Reflections on the Development and Employment of the Machine Gun During the First World WarPaperback – 9 Jul 2012

by Captain Eric L. Bird M.C. (Author), Sue Sturley (Editor)

4 out of 5 stars   1 review from Amazon.com


 See all formats and editions

·         Paperback 
from £889.78
1 Used from £889.78





£9.95 or £889.78- tough call.  :wub:

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Yes-apparently so.  The publishers have a website full of Great War books (Some by members of GWF by the look of it), yet I have never heard of them.  Obviously not keen on dealing with Jeff Bezos-but their books should be better known. Very surprised it is not on COPAC- which suggests that the Deposit Libraries Act 2003 is not required reading

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