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'RND' published by Leonard Sellers

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Having previously provided information to a New Zealand museum website, they came back to me yesterday with a question regarding the troopship which carried a particular officer from the UK to Gallipoli. I have absolutely no direct access to any information whatsoever on this officer, however with a the aid a couple of important dates, it has been possible to identify the ship via a couple of diaries. An obscure question about an unknown officer, yet even so, the answer can be found (to within a 99% degree of certainty).


Thanks to the work of Leonard Sellers, who at the end of the 20th century and the beginning of this century, published 24 issues of the magazine RND.

Len's RND research rivals that of the great Douglas Jerrold. It runs to over 2,400 pages and is fully indexed.


Thanks Len


If you do not have the original A4 versions, then it can all be found on disc here


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