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Webley shoulder holster


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Hi All

i got the attached .455 webley holster in an auction job lot.

is this a field adaptation of a standard holster or a known variation.

it is v coffortable to wear and there are 12 loops for spare rounds

no markings I can find

any information appreciated

it is a perfect fit for my .455 so I am confident as to what it is for







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It appears to be a holster from the officers Sam Browne leather equipment set which someone has customised by adding the shoulder strap. It's not something I've ever seen before and it may or may not be of 1914-1918 origin. The Sam Browne equipment was privately purchased. The issue pistol carrying equipment can be seen here:



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its not a Sam Browne in the true style as the belt loop is incorrect as it was more triangular in shape with a brass hook/stud to secure it to the belt. They didn’t have the sleeve to take the cleaning rod either and the straps do look like later additions. 

However...... these generally being officers equipment and privately purchased there are numerous variations and it may be that’s if the loop on the rear is larger enough to take an 08 belt it was

made to fit just that.


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That did occur to me after posting, as you wouldn’t be able to slide it onto a standard Sam Browne belt. Perhaps for a 1903 Pattern belt or similar? Ken, what is the width of the loop?

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Hi Thanks for reply’s

holster fits my sam browne set very nicely 

and as you can see in the last picture it will slide past the loops






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