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Death record Leonard peter gadsdon

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Looking for a death record of a Leonard peter gadsdon

He served in the merchant navy in ww1 and gained his second/first mate certificate 1920/21

also his masters certificate in 1927

1939 register finds him as a river Thames pilot

After that I can find nothing maybe a fresh pair of eyes can help ?

thanks in advance 

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Hi there

Leonard Peter or Leonard Patrick?

I can find the right tickets for the latter and the dates match yours...



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1 hour ago, happycabbie said:

maybe that’s why I can’t find his death certificate ?

yes your right it is Leonard patrick gadsdon

thanks david

Phew thought I was missing something there. Perhaps edit your post title?

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I too couldn't find a death notice in England & Wales, so started trying to work throught the rest of the family to see if that might give any clues.


The only likely birth for a Leonard Patrick Gadsdon in the birth records for England and Wales was registered with the civil authorities in the Greenwich District of London in Q2 of 1901.

His mothers' maiden name was Atkinson.

(His Merchant Seamans records apparently shows him as born Kent 1901.)


On the 1911 Census of England & Wales, parents are Alfred, (aged 36 and a Tug Master) and Florence, (aged 33) - both were born Greenwich. The couple had then been married 12 years - from the marriage records it looks like he was an Alfred Thomas. On the census there is an older brother Frank, (aged 11) and a younger sister Dorothy, (5).


A Leonard Patrick Gadson married an Ivy Maude Edwards at Christchurch, Greenwich, on the 21st January 1923.


The only birth in England & Wales  for an Ivy Maude Edwards was registered in the Edmonton District in Q1 1906.


The couple appear to have had one child, (at least as far as the records for England & Wales are concerned) - an Edwina I Gadson, both recorded Greenwich District, Q1 1924.


The death of his father, Alfred T. Gadson, aged 65, was recorded in the Dartford District of Kent, in Q4 of 1940. He turns up in the 1942 Probate Calendar as having died 17th October 1940. Executors were Florence Gadson, widow, and Frederick William Foster, river pilot - so no Leonard there.


Florence Gadsdon died in the Chatham District of Kent in Q2 of 1946. She is on the 1948 Probate Calendar as having died on the 4th May 1946. Probate was granted at the London Court on the 9th August 1948. Executors were Leonard Patrick Gadsdon and Frederick William Foster, trinity house pilot.  So at least Leonard was still alive then.


Not only was Leonard not on the death records for England & Wales, (up to 2006) but also there is no match for his wife Ivy or his daughter Edwina. There also isn't a marriage for their daughter Edwina or a remarriage for Ivy.


I don't know if his wife Ivy ever used other names, but the death of an Ivy Vera Gadsdon, born 19th December 1905, was recorded in the Bexley District of Kent in Q2, 2001. The birth of someone born on that day could well have been registered in Q1 of 1906.


In case of typo's on the surrname  I checked Kent deaths for a Leonard P but there were no obvious matches.


So for now I've drawn a blank,





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