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A couple of questions please.

1) Can someone confirm that Wavell wrote more than one book about Allenby. I have seen two apparent books on offer on Abebooks. 'Soldier and Statesman' and 'A study in greatness'.

2)If someone has a copy of 'A study in greatness' could they look at chapter three i think it is and see if he talks much about his time at the staff college.

thanks in advance



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Would you believe that I have a copy of the book "A Study in Greatness". Can't answer the first question but there are around five pages on his time at Staff College in "A Study in Greatness".

If you want photocopies let me know.

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Guest Pete Wood

I also have 'A Study In Greatness,' which was first published in September 1940.

The chapter you refer to mainly compares Allenby to Haig, who was on the same course at the same time.

I also have a long, hand-written letter by Allenby, with respect to his association with the 1/5 Suffolk regiment (written after the war). Let me know if this is of interest.

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Would much appreciate the photocopies if possible. Will e-mail you etc. Thanks very much


My real reason for the info is staff college class of 1896-97 rather than Allenby as such, though the letter would be of intrest for me as i am trying to compile a data base on all Generals of the great war. Will e-mail you to discuss further.

thanks both


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