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Conscription of "British parentage" persons

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Hi folks,

I've been set a bit of a puzzler.  In late September 1918 a married hotel proprietor aged about 37 came before a local Tribunal.  The 1911 Census lists him as born Hungary, of British parentage (though a foreign surname).  


He seems to have gained exemption after 1916; but in 1918 his case came up and according to the press account, the National Service Representative applied for the withdrawal of his exemption certificate "on the grounds that he is not a Britisher" .  The tribunal withdrew the certificate.  That's all it says.  


Would this be an admission that conscription didn't apply to him after all?  He probably wasn't classed as an enemy alien, anyway, or he'd have been interned. 


If it was a withdrawal of exemption in order to conscript him, how did "not a Britisher" help the authorities? 


Any views welcomed. 



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