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Royal Engineers Roll of Honour at St Paul's Cathedral / Werstminster Abbey

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Colleagues off the forum


I have it in my head that either in St Paul's Cathedral or Westminster Abbey that there is a Roll of Honour to all Royal Engineers that fell in the Great War.  I might have just dreamed it, but I am sure that as you enter the building there is a small chapel almost immediately on the left where there is a book, or books, held where all those who fell are listed.


I have tried a few Google searches which have resulted in no positive results.


So if any forum member could kindly help me with which of the two buildings it is in (if indeed it is in either of them!), what access can be gained to it in order to record / photograph a couple of names, etc. etc  etc. then I would be extremely grateful.


I look forward to hearing from anyone - thanking you in advance






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So have I really got this wrong?!  I'm beginning to think so!   Can someone help me please?

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Yes there is, It is in the Kitchener Chapel and consists of a stone tablet beneath which are bound volumes off the roll of honour on shelves.


Interestingly it was the Royal Engineers who saved the cathedral from very serious damage  in  September 1940, when a delayed action bomb fell

in Dean's Yard close to the west end of the building. Lt Robert Davis and his team had the task of dealing with it which took three days to dig out.  He was awarded the George Cross for his gallantry,  the citation appearing in the London Gazette on 27 Sept 1940:


Temporary Lieutenant Robert Davies, Royal Engineers.
Lieutenant Davies was the officer in charge of the party detailed to recover the bomb which fell in the vicinity of St. Paul's Cathedral.
So conscious was this officer of the imminent danger to the Cathedral that regardless of personal risk he spared neither himself nor his men in their efforts to locate the bomb. After unremitting effort, during which all ranks knew that an explosion might occur at any moment, the bomb was successfully extricated.

In order to shield his 


 Sapper George Wylie also received  GC for assisting Lt Davies in the defusing and recovery of the bomb.



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Davies sadly later court martialled and dismissed the service I think.


I see you ahve confiramtion taht there is a memorial at St Paul's, but to note that the cathedral most closely assoicated with RE is Rochester, I think there are quite a few memorials there.

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