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ABMC WWI Battlefield Companion Book


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Recently made available as a free pdf download (33Mb, 123 pages) the American Battle Monument Commission's 2018 'ABMC WWI Battlefield Companion Book'


The ABMC also has available in pdf form (198Mb, 590 pages) a scanned version  of its earlier 'American Armies and Battlefields in Europe' (AKA the Blue Book) of 1938


Both contain plenty of information with some good maps & photographs



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Reprints, including the large fold out maps in a pocket at the back) of the 1938 book are available at a very reasonable price (I got a second copy for myself (second hand), in hardback, for £12). The major weakness of this excellent book is that it focuses on the doings of the AEF's regular divisions (they were allocated numbers 1 -25, tho' of course not all these numbers were used).

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