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Grenadier Guards - address to get service record


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The Archivist


The Grenadier Guards

Wellingotn Barracks

Birdcage Walk



When i wrote to the Scots Guards for one of my relatives records they wanted copies of Birth & Death Cetificates to prove relationship to the Soldiers records that I was requesting. Once the relationship was proved they could not have been more helpful if they tried.


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Based on the Coldstream Gds (in the same place)

current charges are £20 for the papers - whether they find them or not - even if its 2 pages long (as was the case for Pte Grover)

You no longer need to prove details of relationship for ww1 papers

Regards Ian

Ps its Wellington Barracks but my typing is usually worse than any ones!

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When I last used the Grenadier Guards resource the contact for soldiers records was a Major Eastwood. I think to handle a query by post was £25 but if you visited in person then unlike the Coldstream Guards (a couple of floors below) they were not then charging a set-price but were open to donations. Problem was they would only make appointments on a Tuesday or Thursday between 11am and 2pm.

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Hi Dave,

I had to prove relationship due to my Grandfathers service continued through to 1933 (see my signature), had the same experience as Johnathan, no charge but donation gratefully received.


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im only 17 so 20 quid is a lot to spend on service records.


Dave try this ...

Phone 020 7414 3221 - it is the number I have for the Grenadier Guards archives and records. Ask for Major Eastwood and tell him of your interest and your relationship. They may well give you a copy of the service record for free.

Major Eastwood and consequently the office, is usually manned between 11am and 3pm on a Tuesday only but I would try phoning between say 11:30 and 2pm to be on the safe side.

I am sure they will help as much as possible.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

All the best.

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