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Indian Expeditionary Force 'B' AT Tanga, November 1914


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Should any Member be interested in my interpretation of IEF 'B''s battle at Tanga, German East Africa, in early November 1914, then please click on the Great War in Africa website here:




Comments or questions will be welcomed.        Harry

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Kimberley John Lindsay

Dear Harry,

Do you know of 1915 efforts of CUSTOMS DEPT, M.E.F. in GEA - perhaps soldiered by Vols of the Bombay Bn., IDF?

1) A dealer has the 15 Star (WO/G. NELMES, CUSTOMS DEPT M.E.F.); BWM (VOL. G. NELMES, 

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NO - I do not, sorry.

This may be part of the Indian Postal service unit that was sent to GEA.



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I had an opportunity to visit the Tanga Battlefield about 20 years ago. It is easy to follow the battle on the ground, although I did find it a tad warm when walking any distance.
I also drew the attention of the local Police who could not believe that I had been taking photographs in the German cemetery and not photographing a nearby robbery, that I had not even noticed! (They were quite friendly.)
The Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery/Memorial was padlocked and I was unable to track down a key holder, but I was able to take photographs over the metal palisade fence.
The local family I stayed with, and most other locals that I met, had no idea that a battle had been fought there.


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