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Fijian troops 1915.


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Very interesting there Zebra99, Thanks. The Fiji troops fell under Australia right? Would not think ever went to France, but did these troops fight in any of Germany's pacific colonies?

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Hi Zebra99 & Steve1871

Found this and thought it might be of interest

On 28 December 1914, a telegram arrived from the British Government stating that "the Army Council will accept sixty recruits from Fiji provided they are British subjects of pure British descent."

The first Fijian Contingent left for Britain in January 1915. After further training in Britain they fought in the battles of Flanders. Nine Fijian soldiers lost their lives and 31 were wounded. A second Fijian Contingent left for Britain in July of that same year. Fiji itself funded these soldiers' fares to and from England, and paid the wages of the men until they enlisted in Britain.

A total of 1255 people from Fiji and the outlying islands participated in the war. 173 of those never returned home, dying from disease or wounds.


Info taken from Christchurch Libraries NZ


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A contingent of more than 250 Fijians served on the Western Front and in Salonika with 4/KRRC.  The first 41 arrived in early April 1915 and were deployed as a complete platoon in 'B' Company.


They served with great distinction being awarded 2 x DCMs, 5 x MCs and 5 x MMs.

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