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Remembered Today:

Bellewaarde / Hooge June 1915


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Are you looking for information about a soldier who was killed on 16th June 1915?

Checkout my website at www.bellewaarde1915.co.uk

Or if you have information about soldiers who served and/or fell in May, June or September 1915 at Bellewaarde / Hooge, please let me know?



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I have a relative who died on the 9/8/1915 at Hooge and can pass you what information I have? Not huge amounts but I know some of the basics (birthdate, address and regiment etc). Happy to share.




EDIT - sorry I thought your pist was for soldiers killed between May to September, didn’t realise august wasn’t a month specified. So I guess what I posted above is irrelevant, apologies.



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I notice you've not asked for July, but have you seen our extensive, detailed topics on the Liquid Fire attack?


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Lots of information re. September 1915, however as thats 14th Division and primarily the 9th Rifle Brigade at Bellewaarde, a little out of the scope of your website and original intention Martin. I gave you a copy of "Blood and Iron" which caters well for September.



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