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Unknown Soldier

Guest davidmac

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Im reading a book about a frenck soldier found

in a trian station in 1918<no ID and he was amnesic.

Very interesting read.His identity was never found out

though many french familys tried to claim him as theirs.

I wonder how many more cases of unidentified soldiers

there were.

the book is called

The Living Unknown Soldier

by Jean Yves Le Naour

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Welcome to the Forum David.

Just wanted to let you know there are at least two other threads on this book. If you use the 'search' feature with Living Unknown Soldier I am sure you will find them. Unfortunately though I have not gotten the impression that many of the pals have either read or liked the book. I would like to hear otherwise though.


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A fascinating read (although I didn't buy a copy) at the booksellers.

The fellow is identified quite convincingly by book's end, although some families disputed the result (a long pension was at stake).

The turmoil surrounding "finding a soul supposedly among the missing dead" who appeared alive in a mental hospital ... hundreds of families "recognized" their "missing man". It vividly brought home to me the vast societal anguish of "missing, presumed dead" and the thousands of families who could not achieve closure / grief.

A good book to look for in a sale bin.

Doc D

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