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John Carr Royal Irish Rifles


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Hi all,


I am currently researching my family history and I have found that my great uncle John Carr was in the Great War. I have attached his attestation document. He joined at 15 years and 7 months as bugler assigned to the Royal Irish Rifles. This is as much as I can see on the document. If anyone has more information regarding him incl. service records, photograph (would be amazing), any information regarding the regiment, then I would be very much interested.

I also understand that he was in the Northampton Regt. Service number 50243


Thanks in advance.



miuk1914a_083749-01311 (1).jpg

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Is there just the one page of the service record?


He has an MIC for BWM and VM whilst serving in Northampton Regiment and was also awarded a Silver War Badge.



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With info above , his enlistment is a bit difficult to find. But it is here on FmP - click


He joined in Feb 1915 and was discharged 5 weeks later under a para of KR that implies "services no longer required"


He was from Litchfield Industrial School , that perhaps implies other problems before he enlisted

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I could not find what offence he committed to get sent to the Industrial School, but this is the same family from his enlistment papers



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And he got a prize in 1914 at Lichfield Industrial School



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And this may well be him . He left R Irish Rifles in Mar 1915.


He had given his age as 15 years and 7 months when he enlisted in Feb 1915




All you have to now is get the Northampton Reg info :-)

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And he joined Northampton Reg on 14 Nov 1917. His service papers are available on FmP - click


You can piece together a lot about his service and what happened to hin in the Northamptonshire Reg


He was discharged in Feb 1919 having suffered a bad GSW to the head earlier


An Ancestry tree ( where the OP got the enlistment document above,) gives his death as 1930

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