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More digitised newspapers from WWI available


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Some more interesting WWI publications have appeared on the British Newspaper Archive website, which appears to be replicated on Findmypast. There are also increasing numbers of local/regional papers from the period.  The latest list includes the following:


N.T.F. In Aid Of British Prisoners 1918 

Deliverer and Record of Salvation Army Rescue Work 1910-1918

Landswoman 1918-1920

Broad Arrow 1914-1917

War Savings 1916-1918

War Office Times and Naval Review 1910-1913, 1915-1916

Social Gazette 1910-1917

Silver Bullet 1918-1919


N.T.F. in Aid of British Prisoners looks interesting - the initials apparently stand for the train time "Nine Thirty Five", as explained here: http://www.worldwar1luton.com/object/n-t-f-fund-raising-journal


Happy hunting!


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Nine Thirty Five, in aid of British Prisoners…That’s a wonderful piece of history John, I am sure my grandfather interned as a civilian prisoner of war in Germany would have benefited from some parcels made possible by contributions to this innovative newspaper, thanks for sharing…

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