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HMS ACTAEON III - Has anyone any information.


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Having searched the forum and elsewhere for infomation on Actaeon III I have found plenty for Actaeon, Actaeon I and Actaeon II.  


Reason for request is the man concerned was a pre-war Dundee RNVR rating who, his NA RND Record Card states  was "Drafted to HMS Actaeon III on 2nd August 1914 and borne on that ship's books until 15/9/15"  This was in reply to a letter in March 1920 asking for details of mobilised service.  


It may be that he had volunteered for annual RNVR training starting on 2nd August and had been kept after Mobilisation.  The vast majority of his comrades were drafted in to the RND then.


Grateful for any leads!

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Are you referring to the Shore Establishment originally part of HMS Vernon?

Operational 1905-1922.


The third ship to be HMS Actaeon was launched in 1778.

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To the best of my knowledge there was no Division III of the HMS ACTAEON pay office (ACTAEON III), only ACTAEON and ACTAEON II. They handled men at Sheerness (torpedo school, stoker training, etc) and also the early days of the RNAS at Eastchurch (1912-13). ACTAEON III may be a typo on the record.


It might help to post the name of the man you are researching.

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Thanks to David and Horatio2 for replies.  I am also thinking misprint as the man, AB Robert Officer RNVR Clyde 2/99, does not seem to have served in the RND at any point. 

He seems to have been retained on the books of ACTAEON (whatever number) until September 1915, having been recalled to service two days before the outbreak of war.   That was the basis for my suggestion that he reported for routine RNVR training arranged some time before. This is the only entry on his Record Card and was made in March 1920 so it is unlikely that anyone would be too bothered about accuracy.

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Thanks, Horatio2. I will follow up.

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