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1916 sawback bayonet


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I have a 1916 WWI German sawback bayonet with the markings: Simson&Co SJHL below. Great condition with scabbard. I was just wondering on what it might be worth. I got it from my Uncle who died a number of years ago and it probably was from his father who probably fought in the first World War.



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Well the Enfield bayonets are so common they're apparently limited value.


I can't say one way or other on the German bayonet. But it looks the business. Oh and you have the scabbard so it will be worth a few £ more.





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This is a S.98/05, better known as the 'Butcher' bayonet. Some makers are more valuable than others, but Simpson is fairly common. As for price, look at what is for sale on Gunstar. Sawbacks are over-valued, in my opinion, especially considering that many more seem to have been brought back than ordinary plain ones!

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