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Thiepval access 1st July


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A bit late for this year, but the following may be useful to pals attending the Thiepval ceremony in future years. 

I've attended the 1st July event for many years (except 2016 !) and always park at the "back" of the monument, near the Granatloch, and walk up the track. It's a nice walk and it avoids the parking problems in the village.  This year, however, we and several others with the same idea were turned back at the rear entrance (having already parked and walked the 1/4 mile or so to the monument !) The ONLY way to get to the monument this year (and I assume from now on, unless visitor numbers or security requirements drop significantly) was to park a long way from the village at or beyond the farm on the Grandcourt road. You are then bussed to the monument, where there is a security bag check at the entrance. 

Also, please note that on-foot access from Thiepval village was ONLY via the road beside church, NOT via any of the shortcuts past the wood or the visitor centre. 

Hopefully this info may be of use to other visitors and save them a frustrating wasted 45 minutes!

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