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'The Times' 23rd June 2018


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Having had a very busy weekend, I am only now digesting the contents of Saturday's paper.

Two men are reported as having been jailed for plundering shipwrecks, including a British

cruiser sunk during WW1.  HMS Hermes was sunk by a U-boat in the straights of Dover

with the loss of 22 lives.  The two had apparently deposited more than 6 tonnes of metal

from this and other wrecks at a Sittingbourne scrap yard.

Following the publication of a new edition of the classic 'Goodbye to all That' by Robert Graves, the book is re-assessed in the Review Section.

Another book review reveals that the papers of Helmut von Moltke, which 'could cast an interesting light on the

First World War', are held inaccessibly by a Swiss cult, who believe that the chief of the German general staff

was the reincarnation of a 9th Century pope!



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2 hours ago, Moonraker said:

The HMS Hermes incident is being discussed






Thanks, hadn't seen that thread.



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