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army wives in india 1855


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In the 1901 Census my great grandfather place of birth is shown as Jubbulpore india english subject date of birth 1855. Would his father been in the british army, how would I find out details about him.

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You need the India Records Office. Just type it into your search engine and follow the link to family history and click on occupations

Terry Reeves

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As Terry said get along to the Oriental and India Office at the British Library - you will need id to register. If yr relative was in the Honourable East india Company then full muster books are available. Also births, marriages and deaths are held there. The HEIC army was not absorbed into the British Army until after the Mutiny had been smashed.

Most certainly OR wives went to India and many soon became widows due to disease as much as skirmishes on any Frontier. Apparently these women would go down to the docks and choose their next husband from the new arrivals - hence the rather large registers for marriage records at the OIOC. Try reading the excellent ANGELS OF ALBION - should still be available.

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