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Working my way through a few war diaries I noticed occasionally rather than a typed page or a hastily scrawled title sheet somebody had taken the time to hand letter or use a template to lend a bit of charm to their units war diary, though the 5th Cameron Highlanders took the whole thing a stage further and had their war diary pages printed for them. I particularly like the rather 70's type face used by one Adjutant or orderly to title their "Operations March & April 1918" report.  a couple seemed to like the Gothic script - copying from documents from the other side of the wire?


Anybody seen any others?

fancy folders.pdf

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A few years ago I researched a soldier in the 57th Battalion AIF and went through the War Diaries from 1918. Quite a few of them from 1918 feature water colours painted by Private Pressley Benjamin Huthnance. They feature what the battalion was doing at each month and are very well painted.


The images are downloadable from the AWM.



57th Battalion July 1918..JPG

57th Battalion June 1918.JPG

57th Battalion May 1918.JPG

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